Mistaken Identity…NY Post Thought Sarah Orzechowski Was Katy Perry on NYE?

OK this one is funny… the NY Post posted a story on how Katy Perry had moved on with her life and and was spotted flirting with a guy on New Year’s Eve…well they were wrong, the Katy look-a-like is really Sarah Orzechowski the girlfriend of Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco…crazy right? Check out hoe Sarah explains it,

My friend Linda and I are laughing pretty hard right now. That whole little story is about me and all of us that spent NYE together at Soho House- the whole time we were there people were coming up to us asking if I was Katy Perry. That one “guest” they mentioned that came up to me- I could barely hear what he was saying so I just nodded in confusion…and somehow that gets turned into this! That “mystery guy” was Brendon. Hahah. SO crazy, but hilarious. I now see how easy it must be for these people to make up rumors about celebrities, I feel so bad! Get your stories right terrible reporters!

Sarah does look like Katy!!

Spotted at Allie Is Wired

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