Nick Gordon Confirms Bobbi Kristina Had Drug Problem in Dr. Phil Interview

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Nick Gordon in now confessing something we already knew—Bobbi Kristina had a drug problem especially after the death of mother Whitney Houston. During his recent interview with Dr. Phil he is asked about Kristina, “Did she have a drug problem?”

“Krissy?” Gordon says adding, “Yeah … socially. Maybe smoke a little bit.” BUt he adds the problem worsened after Whitney died.“It got really bad after Nippy passed awayIt’s unfortunate, but at the time it’s the only way we knew how to deal with what had happened.”

Gordon eventually entered rehab.”I was drinking so much at the time because I could not deal with what was happening to Krissy. It mentally broke me. That’s the lowest part of my life right there.” He continued, “Rehab was something I needed and I’m thankful I got that opportunity.” 

Gordon also spoke with the DailyMail about Bobbi K. “I can’t blame myself for another addict’s addiction, but I feel like I failed her. She didn’t make it. I wish she got help,” he said. “I did not protect her the way that I was supposed to – even if it was from herself.”

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