What Lemonade, Beyonce Dedicates ‘Halo’ To Hubby Jay Z At Miami Tour Stop!


Beyonce kicked off her Formation tour last night in Miami and with all this cheating Lemonade we have been dealing with well we didn’t know what to expect from Bey on her first tour stop and just like that shut it all down and dedicated ‘Hale’ to her hubby, Jay Z. Before she wrapped up her performance Beyonce yelled to her “beautiful husband” in the crowd, “Boo boo, I love you so much” and dedicated ‘Halo’ to him. Beyonce also showed off sweet photos of Blue Ivy!

And there you have it folks, we will never know who Beyonce is really talking about in all those telling lyrics. Is she pulling from her own life or maybe her mother’s or her sister’s or maybe its an experience.

Photo from Beyonce.com