Nick Jonas Talks About New Sex Scenes For “Kingdom”

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas will be bring more sex to his TV show, Kingdom. Last season we saw him steam up the screen as an MMA fighter confused by his sexuality, but this season he’s a little more sure of what he likes —guys. “It’s all happening. He has a lot of layers to him and he’s trying to figure out exactly who he is,” Nick said about his character Nate.

So what should be expected from the sex scenes on the show, “it’s less about romance than it is about human needs. OoooK!

He added, “It’s tough because he’s living and working in a really macho world and I think he’s just trying to figure out where he fits in in being who he is. So it is a struggle and I’m trying to tell the story as honestly as possible with as much depth as possible.”

Everything is coming up Nick…music, TV I wonder what’s next!

Photo from PR Photos

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