Nicki Minaj Takes On Haters Who Claim Her Ass Made Her Famous

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Yes Nicki Minaj is beautiful and yes she has a big booty, but it’s a lyrics not her body that made her famous and she’s now taking on the haters who say she’s only famous because of her ass. She even agrily tweeted, “I’ve gone toe to toe w/everyone of your favorite male MC’s. To undermine my skill & diversity as an MC is actually comical @ this point. If a male rapper was on tracks w/Wayne, Jay, Eminem, Kanye etc going ROUND 4 ROUND he’d b hailed as a GREAT as well. Jealousy is a disease…..Your greatest achievement in life will be attempting to undermine my greatest achievements in life. lol. Now check that.”

It all started when the website, Bossip tweeted about the lack of females in rap and the retweeted a tweet by a fan saying that Nicki is famous due to her assets. “Yep, men are visual creatures they don’t are if you can sing… That’s why nicki had to buy an ass to blow up! #Fact.”

Nicki caught wind of the slight and brought out a Twitter whoop-ass! Bossip tried to say that the tweet was made in general and no geared towards Minaj. “Somehow our extremely general question about women rappers has turned into a very specific @NICKIMINAJ conversation,” Bossip tweeted. “Gotta love this app… And she all up, all up, all up, all on on Twitter with the funny face… First things first, she ate our brains… Wow, our lil’ question had Nicki hotter than a Middle East climate, violent…”

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