Will Nicole Scherzinger Return For ‘X Factor’ Season 2?

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The X Factor has been renewed for season 2, but Nicole Scherzinger has not signed on the dotted line. is she pulling a Jennifer Lopez, holding out for more money!

According to Deadline,

“I’ve had a lot of fun this season. The reason I took this job is I wanted to mentor, first and foremost…It has been very hard on me, the elimination process. It’s something I could never have been prepared for.” Scherzinger, a last-minute replacement for original judge Cheryl Cole, has received mostly negative feedback from fans and recently found herself at the center of a controversy surrounding the surprise elimination of 13-year-old Rachel Crow. Scherzinger didn’t speak to that controversy at the media gathering hyping the two-part first season finale this Tuesday and Wednesday, where she was sitting beside Josh Krajcik, the bearded, shaggy-haired singer she is mentoring into the finals. (The other two finalists, also present at the press conference, are Melanie Amaro — mentored by Simon Cowell — and the L.A. Reid-mentored Chris Rene.) “For me, what’s important is to live in the moment. I’ve got to get Josh through this and to come out swinging,” Scherzinger said. “So I’m just going to focus on doing a really good job with Josh here.”

Another person who hasn’t signed up for season 2 is host Steve Jones. he never seemed comfortable as a single host…he was supposed to co-host with Nicole, when Cheryl Cole was still a judge, but that ended badly and Nicole took Cheryl’s job and Steve ended up alone! One thing Steve…Don’t pull a Brian Dunkleman…look how well Ryan Seacrest has done on ‘American Idol’ and Brian D walked away from that!

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