Nigella Lawson: “I Am Not Some Sort of Battered Wife” She Tells Friends

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Nigella Lawson is striking back at her critics after photos surfaced of her husband, Charles Saatchi ‘playfully’ choking her! According to the DailyMail, she has told friends she love him and is not a ‘battered wife.’  She said, “I am not some sort of battered wife” even though she has not returned to their home and she wants him to attend anger management or counselling to control his moods.

“She desperately loves Charles and says he is her world.She feels that if he would look at getting some sort of help, anger management or therapy then they can work at rebuilding their relationship. As in any marriage, there are issues and problems that arise, and he is under a huge amount of pressure and stress. But she feels she is never going to be able to live this down and move on. Nigella feels her hand has been forced. She would not have left if the incident had stayed private. Nigella feels frustrated that the whole world has an opinion about something she feels is a private situation.”

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