‘NJ Housewife’ Teresa Giudice Calls Caroline Manzo a ‘Liar’!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice finally blogged about the reunion yesterday (October 31) and called Caroline Manzo a liar for saying she had something to do with her fight with Dina and that she didn’t want to reconcile with her brother! Its a long blog, but here is a a portion!

At the reunion, Caroline accused me of lying, and I accused her of the same thing. It’s a she-said-she-said, so you’re going to have to believe whomever you want to believe. I’m not perfect, but for Caroline to act like she always tells the truth is insane. Caroline is so good at making up fairy tales about her life, I think she’s forgotten what she said yesterday.

And I’m as confused as the rest of you that Caroline is blaming any of her family issues on me. That came out of the blue for everyone, because it’s just not true (but as I’ve said before, Caroline is really digging for something to be mad at me for, and she’s got nothing.) I am not responsible for coming between her and Dina. I know a bit about why they aren’t speaking right now, but it’s not my business, and unlike Caroline, I don’t believe it’s my place to judge or to air their dirty laundry to the world.

More insanity: Caroline crying over me getting in between her and Dina (which you know is completely untrue) is me “hurting her parents.” What do you call what Caroline has done to get in between me and my family all season, including making up that garbage story about me telling her I didn’t really want to reconcile with my brother. On what planet does she live? I have only one brother, and he means the world to me. I think we all get that. There is absolutely no reason I wouldn’t want him back in my life. For Caroline to say that just to hurt him is so low. And my poor parents who don’t have eleven children, but only have two, what does she think her butting in and winding up Melissa and Kathy when things were finally good with us is doing to MY parents? How dare she.

There is so much ‘he said, she said’ that you don’t know who to believe anymore!

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