Oasis Singer Liam Gallagher Allegedly Fathered a Lovechild With U.S. Journalist!

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Oasis singer Liam Gallagher’s wife,  Nicole Appleton is said to be furious  and banning her  rock star husband from thier shared home after learning he father a child with a U.S. writer Liza Ghorbani and his family is rally with Nicole. One relative told The Mail,”Liam has only got himself to blame – he’s just too wild. I said he should never have got married.”

Yesterday it was reported that Gallagher said his child, a daughter, Emma (7 months old) with Ghorbani  ‘is beautiful’ and has his ‘rock star genes’. Gallagher and Ghorbani were engaged in a long standing affair after she profiled him, back in 2010 in an article for the New York Times and then he cut her off when he found out she was pregnant. “It went on until she told him she was pregnant. He cut it off. He was so paranoid his wife would find out,” said a source told the NY Daily News. A friend of Appleton added, “Nicole has told Liam not to come home, at least not for a few weeks, and is furious.”

Ghorbani has slapped Gallagher was a paternity suit after attempting to get child support only to be offered a very low payment. Before the child was born, Liam’s attorneys verbally made a very low offer of child support — a figure expected from a regular dad, not a rock star — which was refused. After the baby was born, Liza kept asking Liam to negotiate with her. She had hoped this could have been settled quietly and out of court, but she was completely stonewalled. In the end, she had no choice but to file a suit with the Manhattan Family Court,” a source told Page Six, “Liza isn’t after millions, she is just looking for appropriate child support.”

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