Only a few days left for the Beach

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I dont like hot weather but I love the beach and so I went to the beach the other day. I didn’t get much of a tan but I definitely got a hint of color which I love because my under eye circles seem less prominent. I don’t mind being pale but I like how my skin looks like with a little color. It’s like a little glow. But I know the dangers of the sun so I used SPF 55. What do you prefer a natural tan, a sunless spray on tan, a tanning booth tan or the lotions that you apply at home? I saw a commercial for the Denise Richards show, “It’s Complicated” on E! and she had someone come to her house and give her a spray on tan and it looked cool but I don’t feel comfy being naked in front of a stranger. I have used the sunless tanning lotions at home but I end up looking orange with a few missed spot or I find color in between my fingers.  But there are only a few days left to truly enjoy summer so get outside if you can and enjoy the weather with SPF of course.

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