To bang or not to bang (don’t be dirty)

I want bangs. But I am soo scared that they won’t look good, plus its summer and in New York its soo humid that right now that if I had bangs they would look like cotton candy. I think I will wait until fall when I no longer have puffy summer hair. I want light side swept bags like Ashlee Simpson or Nichole Richie. I have been thinking of getting clip-on bangs. There is no commitment and they look like fun. Maybe I will stop in at my local beauty supply and check to see if they have a bang section I check out some websites and had some bangs. Below is a picture of my favorite bangs. They are from the brand Hair U Wear. The bangs are held on by a band that goes around your head instead of the clips that would clip onto your real hair. Anyways…To bang or not to bang…that is my question.

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