Paris Jackson: Nanny Grace Rwaramba Was Obsessed With Dad, Michael Jackson

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Back in March Michael Jackson’s teenage daughter, Paris Jackson had to sit and be interrogated for a deposition regarding the lawsuit the Jackson family slapped against AEG. Paris even divulged that she believes her former nanny, Grace Rwaramba was obsessed with her father Michael and would try and climb into bed with him. Bt he never fired her because of her financial situation.

“She used to be (one of the nannies) but she got really creepy. This is going to freak you out. One time, it was before — me and my brother were really young — before Blanket was born. When he would stay in a hotel, or whatever, she would call the hotel and say that she was his wife. She was obsessed with him… They let her in and he’d wake up and she would be in his bed.” Upon the lawyers face Paris said, “I saw your expression. You are like, what? That is what he told us and it is kind of creepy.”

But Paris says that MJ didn’t like her, “My dad didn’t like her so he tried to keep her away from us. He would send her to run errands a lot… He said she was sneaky, she was not an honest person and she lied a lot.” When asked why he didn’t fire her she replied, “He felt bad. She didn’t really have a lot of money.”

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