How Much Plastic Surgery Has Jersey Shore’s JWoww Had?

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We all know that JWOww purchased her huge boobies, but as for other surgeries I was clueless to what other surgeries JWoww has had! She has had procedures done for cellulite, scars and strech marks…or so says Life & Style.

Before heading to the Jersey Shore this summer, Jenni “J-Woww” Farley paid a visit to a Park Avenue plastic surgeon. “She sought my assistance,” New York-based plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg tells Life & Style. “I do a lot of breast augmentations for celebrities and redo work for them. She wanted my help in trying to redo cosmetic surgery procedures she’d previously had done by another doctor.”

On Aug. 28, a thick red scar was visible underneath one of the 24-year-old reality star’s breasts when she wore a bikini top in Point Pleasant, N.J. “The scar looks new,” says Dr. Michael Fiorillo, a plastic surgeon in New Jersey who concludes that J-Woww has had more work done. “She’s a D to a DD cup,” he says. “Her breasts are large, but they seem proportional to her body. Any bigger would be too much.”

But can J-Woww stop here — or is she hooked on plastic surgery like so many others? Besides multiple boob jobs, it appears she’s had a nose job, and she’s had liposuction, says an insider. J-Woww herself has copped to stretch-mark lasering and scar and cellulite removal. “She’s obsessed with her looks,” an insider close to the reality star tells Life & Style. “That’s obvious just from watching the series.”

Photo from MTV

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