Prince Albert’s New Bride Charlene Wittstock Still Looking to Bolt From The Marriage?

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Prince Albert and his new bride, Charlene Wittstock could not be more different than Prince William and Kate. Its like night and day. Prince Albert is allegedly attempting to persuade his new wife, Charlene to stay with him despite claims of another illegitimate child (would be his third child) and cheating! It looked like Charlene was going to bolt from the wedding buts he went through with it and so trouble is still in paradise!

They were married in an extravagant $55 million, three-day royal wedding and are now honeymooning in South Africa, staying in an $8,000-per-night luxury suite. But, apparently, money cannot buy happiness for Prince Albert of Monaco and his new bride, Charlene Wittstock.

Prince Albert, 53, is reportedly trying to persuade his wife, 33, to stick with him a week after what should have been their fairy tale wedding.

Days before their July 2 wedding that set Monaco abuzz, news reports surfaced that Wittstock, a former Olympic swimmer for South Africa, had bolted for the airport, some reports saying as many as three times, with a one-way ticket back to South Africa.

Albert already has two confirmed illegitimate children, and rumors of a third love child are now widely suspected to be behind Wittstock’s escape attempts.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail reported that Wittstock is “desperate” to know whether Albert cheated on her and fathered a child during their five-year courtship.

Albert has reportedly undergone DNA tests demanded by his bride, although it’s unlikely the results will be released while the couple honeymoons in South Africa for fears that Wittstock would flee while away from the constraints of her marriage in Monaco.

“When they got her into that Catholic Church and got her married, they really trapped her so far as the Catholic Church is concerned,” British historian Robert Lacey told ABC News. “It would be very difficult now for her to get a divorce.”

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