Is Rob Kardashian Being Pushed Into The Limelight?

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Robert Kardashian seems to be the most reluctant for fame but…with fame comes money and Robert’s ex-girlfriend, Rosa Acosta says his mother has pushed him into the limelight and is trying to make him as famous as his sisters.

Rosa spoke with InTouch and said,

“Rob once told me that he never wants to be as famous as his sisters, but because he was born into the Kardashian name, there’s no escaping it.”

Indeed, Rosa suspects that Rob’s mother/manager, Kris, pushed her son to go on the show because she was tired of the 24-year-old “living off his family’s hard-earned fame and fortune. Kim wants Rob to follow in her footsteps,” Rosa explains, “and Kris wants her 10% of Rob’s paycheck!”

While Rosa’s doubtful that the show is going to turn Rob into a full-fledged star — “He’s too immature right now to handle the pressure of the competition,” she says, “and he doesn’t understand the commitment it takes,” — she says that she ultimately wouldn’t be surprised if his mother manages to wear him, and the general public, down. “That family is full of marketing monsters,” she says, “who can turn anything into gold, and that’s what they’re trying to do with Rob.”

Photo from ABC

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