Rosie O’Donnell dreams of Angelina Jolie…?

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If Rosie O’Donnell really think she could have had Angelina…she should wake up! Rosie was recently on the Howard Stern show and claims that she could have had a chance with Angelina ( Fat!). This was a few years back when Angelina had just married Billy Bob Thornton.

This is what Rosie said,

“She gave me her phone number,” Rosie said. “We talked on the phone two or three times, but that was that. There was a tentative plan to have dinner that never came through.”

“I was a little afraid of her,” she said. “She’s scary in a sexual kind of way. I have dreams about her a lot still.”

Lady keep dreaming! Well she does…Rosie said she still dreams of Angelina. Creepy!