Ryan Lochte Breaks Silence On Suspension, Says ‘Its Heartbreaking’

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Ryan Lochte will finally open up on his 10-month swimming suspension when she stops by The Ellen Degeneres Show on Monday. He tells the comedian that he reached his lowest point in Rio after being accused of lying.“I reached the lowest point of my entire life that I never thought I would go to. I was in a really dark place, and I didn’t know if I should come out, [or] just hide my entire life.”

“You know, I’ve been swimming my entire life and I’ve never taken a break, and for someone telling me that I can’t do something I’ve been doing my entire life … it’s heartbreaking and it stinks,”Lochte told Degeneres. “But there is so much more I want to accomplish in the sport of swimming, so I do know that I’m still going to be training, and when I do come back, I’m going to definitely be a better swimmer and a better person.”

Ryan has the next few months with Dancing with the Stars to keep him busy (depending on how long he stays on).

Photo from PR Photos