Review: Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion

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I finally got a chance to try the
Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion, $22. I usually get ingrown hairs on my legs from shaving and the Shobha Ingrown Hair Relief has been wonderful. It makes my skin smoother and I feel like it brings some of the ingrown hairs to the surface. I think it makes the skin softer and so it’s easier to exfoliate the skin. I also have reduced redness from where the ingrown have irritated the skin.

Shobha® Ingrown Relief Lotion is a sensitive and effective one-step solution for the prevention and treatment of bumps and ingrown hairs caused by hair removal. It is free of parabens, color and artificial fragrance.


Apply to clean, dry skin nightly (wait 48 hours after waxing). Use daily for optimal smoothness; once per day for prevention and moderate bumps, twice per day for more severe ingrowns.


Removes the dead upper layers of skin that can clog hair follicles and redirect hair growth inward

Improves skin tone and texture

Fights off irritation and ingrowns

Keeps skin soft and hydrated


glycolic acid exfoliates

tea tree oil protects

chamomile soothes

glycerin moisturizes

I still have some ingrown hairs but my skin is much better than it was before. I will keep using it and will let you know if I am ingrown free.

Shobha has several hair removal locations in NYC. Check out the site for more info.

Photo from Shobha

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