Statement Pieces: Jewelry

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I am not a jewelry person. I usually just wear earrings…when I remember, but there are times when I look at my outfit and think …I need something and that something is usually some jewelry. I have a lot of basic clothes that I could spruce up with some fun, bright and bold jewelry like some necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings (not all at the same time…don’t go overboard). Bold jewelry is a big statement; it’s like saying look at me and my HOT jewelry.  You don’t need to buy expensive jewelry, but if you have the $$$ that’s your decision. I usually buy costume jewelry from stores like Target, Forever21, or Claire’s. I need to go shopping.


Necklace I’m loving:

Vintage Zodiac Intaglio Necklace (above, $180) —Laura James Jewelry

I love following my horoscope (and astrological sign)…I’m a Pisces. The necklace is adorable and something I would wear. Laura James Jewelry has all 12 zodiac signs.

Photo from Laura James Jewelry

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