‘Teen Mom’ Regrets Getting Huge Tat of Daughter!

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It seems we need a huge D’oh right here.  Amber Portwood of Teen Mom recently got a huge tattoo of her daughter’s fave on teh side of her stomach and now she regrets it…its freakin’ huge…come on of course she regrets it!

One of Amber’s friends gave the dish,

“Amber wanted to prove that she never wanted to lose custody of her daughter again, but had no idea how painful and sore she would be,” an insider tells me. “Now she is having to sleep on her back or right-hand side and can’t take it anymore.”

“In that moment it seemed like a great idea to get a tattoo and show the entire world how much she loved Leah, but now it doesn’t seem like such a great decision,” a friend of Amber’s tells me. “When the pain goes away Amber will be left with a massive picture of a baby’s face on her stomach.”

Photo from RadarOnline

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