The perfect ponytail

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 The perfect ponytail…ok, there is no such thing. There are all kinds of ponytails like high ones (I dream of genie), middle ones, and low ones (which includes low ponytails to the side). So there is no perfect ponytail just what you choose for that day. But I heard or read this great piece of advice; your ponytail should be in line with your jaw. So you have to follow the line of your jaw upwards and that should be the perfect spot for your ponytail (a little bit above that bone on the back of your head)…not too high and not too low Ponytails are Hot!

Tip: When you are brushing your hair into a ponytail and you get to the underneath part you should tilt your head back so that’s the hair doesn’t sag. Wow, that’s something I didn’t know. I like to learn new tips and tricks.

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