Tori Spelling Says Hubby’s Cheating ‘Changed Everything’ For ‘The Better’


Tori Spelling stopped by Kocktails with Khloe last night and revealed how her husband, Dean McDermott’s cheating changed their relationship. “It changed everything. It really did… for the better. Because we had to start over. The relationship was just broken into a million pieces.”

Spelling, the mother of four further explained people’s speculation on the marriage. “There’s people who are like, ‘Wow that’s so great you stuck by him and worked through it,’ and there’s other people who are like, ‘He’s a cheater and I can’t believe you wouldn’t leave him.’ [Others said], ‘Oh it’s because of the children. I did have to account for the children, of course, but I also had to account for the love that I had for this man and the relationship that we had [and] the life we had together.”

They now have a better relationship. “We have now more of an open communication and relationship than we’ve ever had before,” Spelling said.


Photo from FYI