Tyga Focusing On “The Positive” As Nude Photo Leaks!

Tyga Sighted on Dayton Way in Beverly Hills on December 26, 2011

Tyga has some explaining to do. The Rack City rapper was caught up in a nude leaked photo scandal today when an alleged image of his penis hit the internet. Reportedly the photo was released by a transgender model in an attempt the shame the rapper…but how exactly did she get the photos.

According to TMZ, the photos are in fact real (per Tyga’s lawyer, Lee Hutton), but the person he sent them to may have betrayed him. For now Tyga only want to focus on positive things. “My focus is always on the positive and building up those around me. I’ll never understand why people choose hate and negativity over anything else.” So what does Kylie have to say about her boyfriend’s nudish photos on the internet.

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