V. Stiviano Reportedly Assaulted Near NYC Hotel

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V. Stiviano, the woman at the center of Donald Sterling racism scandal, was allegedly beaten up by two men in NYC her lawyer told ABCNews, but no police report has been filed and incident was not logged. RadarOnline was the first to report on the alleged incident via her lawyer, Mac Nehorary, who said, Stiviano was leaving the Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan around 7pm when “two white men descended on her. They were about 5’7 and they knew exactly who she was. They began to hit her and called her the N word. Other disgusting slurs were made against her. She was able to run away and several onlookers then began attempting to apprehend the two men.”

Stiviano received medical care for possible injuries, but is expected to recovery fully but is scared. Allegedly “one side of her face is extremely red and she is obviously very scared (about her well being).”

“As of now this has no legs,” NYPD officials told ABC.

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