What’s your hair color?

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I’m a brunette. But I have to say that I love all hair colors. I think that other than black (it washes me out) I would wear any color. In high school I wore brown, blonde and strawberry blonde. I never took the leap to red, but I want to. I have been totally feeling red lately. I love love love Coco Rocha’s red hair, although I doubt I could pull off that red. It’s on fire!!!! In case you don’t know who Coco is…she is a model.


P.S. The reason I know blackwashes me out was that in high school I colored my brown hair blonde and then I wanted to go back to brown. So I picked up a color box kit at the drug store for medium brown and I guess there was a color reaction and my hair turned black instead of brown. Ahhh, good times! I looked so freaking pale it was ridiculous…lol.

Photo from Vogue

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