Whitney Houston’s Family After Person Who Leaked Death Photos

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Whitney Houston’s family is outraged, not just at the leaked photos taken at her funeral, as the fallen diva lay in her casket, but photos of the death scene also surfaced and Whitney’s family want to know who released those photos. Cissy Houston want the police to investiagte who took those photos if the floor was on lock-down by the police.

Whitney Houston’s family, spearheaded by her mother, Cissy, is asking law enforcement to look into death scene photos that were leaked to the media in the days after the pop superstar died at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, including one pic of her body being wheeled out on the gurney in a body bag, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

A few days after Whitney passed away on February 11, a media outlet (not RadarOnline.com) published a photo of Houston in a body bag on a gurney being taken out of the hotel. The entire floor was on lockdown, and the area was secured by the Beverly Hills Police Department. There is surveillance video from the hallway of the person who took the picture of Whitney in the body bag, and the Houston family wants to know who it is and have asked for an investigation into the leak of the photos. The Houstons have been told by cops that after her case is officially closed, they can look into the matter.

It might not be the the Beverly Hills Police Department that would handle that, but this is very important to the Houston family to know. “They need and deserve to know who took the pictures, and if the person profited from it,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com.

“The hotel employees that talked to the media were fired because theyviolated hotel policy,” a source told RadarOnline.com. “They weren’t high level employees, but the hotel didn’t want anyone to talk about Whitney’s tragic death.”

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