Whoops, Celine Dion Flashes Crowd at Concert!

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Celine Dion had a little wardrobe malfunction…she flashed a crowd at her recent concert in Jamaica…good show indeed!

The superstar singer gave fans a little more than they bargained for when she took the stage in a short dress…and accidentally flashed them during her performance at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in Jamaica Friday night, E! News has learned exclusively.

“The short gold dress was Balmain….was that short enough?” Dion said with a laugh when “The Trend,” a fashion series on Zappos Couture, asked Celine about her fashion choices.

“Because normally when people are level the length is fine. But people were like this (looks up)…. So it was like I didn’t think of the people downstairs and me there,” the 43-year-old singer continued.

I don’t know if it was an undies shot or a goodies shot! I’m hoping it was an undies and not a naked shot…below is a video from the concert, not an upskirt video (lol). But check out how short that dress is…she has killer legs!

Photo from PR Photos

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