Adam Lambert Plans to Have GuyLiner Line

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Adam Lambert

Well now…doesn’t every celeb have a fashion, makeup or fragrance line on their to do list and Adam Lambert is no different.  He plans to have a makeup line that would include eye liner…OF COURSE it would!

According to Janet Charlton’ s Hollywood,

American Idol legend Adam Lambert has good reason to defend his lavish use of eye make-up. He’s currently working on his own line of make-up for adventurous men. He feels even straight guys are likely to experiment with cosmetics. (Dave Navarro comes to mind.) The line doesn’t stop at guyliner – it will also feature everything from foundation, concealer, shadow, mascara, and lip gloss, to nail polish.

Now this isn’t for the every man but for the man who likes to wear makeup! He should  just make makeup for anyone who wants to use it not just men…makeup is unisex from what I know anyways…lol!

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