Ali Landry Calls Mario Lopez Out For Cheating!

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Ali Landry has been out promoting her new TV Guide show, Hollywood Girls Night and she dished about her very short two week marriage to Mario Lopez on The Wendy Williams Show after she began to be suspicious that he was cheating.

“I had heard something right before the wedding and umm he swore that it was not true, but I had that feeling in my gut. All of my family was flying in,  it was a destination wedding, and I really should have put the brakes on it at that point, but I was afraid.”

Ali even admitted she had tapped Mario’s phone.

“I was like, ‘I don’t want to tap a phone! I can’t believe I’m doing this.’ So she did, and right after the honeymoon I started getting phone calls from these girls. I confronted him and he still to this day, he denied it and never apologized: It was horrible.”

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