Alicia Keys Believes in Aliens, Thinks They Live Among Us!

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Alicia Keys had an interesting interview with Buzzfeed, which included the topic of aliens. Alicia revealed she does believe in aliens… when asked if she believed in aliens she said, “Yeah, I do [laughs]. I’ve met some serious aliens in my life, for sure [laughs]. I’m sure you’ve seen a UFO. Haven’t all of us seen something flying in the sky, and it’s at some random time of night that doesn’t make sense, and it’s not the shape of a plane?”

Alicia said she would have to feel the aliens vibe before going into space with it. “I don’t know if I’d go with an alien to space. I would have to feel the alien’s vibe. I’m a vibe person. If it was ET, I may go [laughs]. It had to be the right vibe. If it was one of those crazy, nutso dudes my brother watches — he always wants me to watch these movies with him and I’m like,No! — I wouldn’t go with that one.”

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