Anastasia Go Brow Review

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Anastasia aka The Eyebrow Queen is brilliant with her eyebrow sculpting skills. I have always wanted her to personally do my eyebrows, maybe one day (after I save up my pennies). I have a few of Anastasia’s brow products like the eyebrow stencil and brow gel but today I am going to give a rave review of the Go Brow. I love love love this brow pencil/highlighter. In the past I used a brow pencil that was too heavy and looked very artificial. But this pencil is great, because it’s light and if you have sparse eyebrows or you just need to define them a little this is perfect. It makes the brows seem more uniform and polished. Plus the pencil has two sides the brown side or brow filling side (the brown is an ashy color that would work with lot of different brow colors) and the pink side with is a highlighter for under the eyebrow or on the brow bone. I love it. Thanks Anastasia!


I forgot to do a before and after. I will put up a pic tomorrow.

Photo from Anastasia

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