Andy Cohen On Why He Sent Porsha Williams Home After Reunion Fight

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 6

Andy Cohen has come under some scrutiny for the recent reunion fight between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. But Andy says he never saw the fight coming in a new segment, Ask Andy, plus he reveals why he decided to send Porsha home. “A lot of people called me and said, ‘How did you not see that coming? How did you not see that this was going to go there?’ How I didn’t see it is, I’ve sat through fifty reunion shows with fifty different groups of Housewives who have fought with their words.”

Andy continued, “So, yes, I saw that Porsha was getting very heated. Porsha and Kenya were saying very nasty things to each other. They were insulting each other back and forth. Both of them were responsible. As they were doing that, I did not, in a million years, ever imagine that it would escalate into them getting up off the couch. I didn’t.”

But Andy decided to send Porsha home instead of keeping her on the show because he thought she was just not ready for the rest of the reunion show taping! “The reason Porsha went home, which I got a lot of questions about, was that she said, quite clearly, that she felt that she was not prepared for the day. I don’t know if that meant emotionally or physically or otherwise. I did not and the producers agreed want to put her in a situation, that she was unprepared for. There was more. As you’ll see from the other reunions, there was a lot more frank talk. I did not want to put Porsha in a position where she couldn’t feel that she could defend herself with her words and place further stress on her. That’s why I sent Porsha home.”

Although most of the Housewives do not condone the fight it seems like the cast is team Porsha since Kenya taunted Porsha all season about the demise of her marriage to Kordell Stewart!


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