Angelina Jolie Would Love to be “Salt” Again

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Did you see Salt…well I did and it was sooo open for sequel its almost like they have to and Angelina is so ready to do it!

“I hope so, for everybody – if they want to see more of Salt,” she said at the monochrome carpet for the film’s premiere at London’s West End.

Angelina, who shimmered in a sequinned Amanda Wakeley gown at the film’s UK debut, loved getting back into action after dramas such as Changeling and A Mighty Heart.

“I love doing action. I love to punch things, jump off things and shoot, so I’m lucky I got the job,” she said.

“The other action films I did are based on fantasy while this character is based on reality so we had to make her tougher and meaner. Salt fights aggressively, in face-to-face combat. In some movies I’ve done, there’s been a temptation – because I’m female – to make the action nice.”

The film concerns Salt’s identity, and in real life, Angelina said only her six children and partner Brad Pitt know the real Angelina.

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