Beyonce Being Taken To Court Over Video Game Lawsuit!

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Beyonce will be heading to court soon over a failed video game project. Gate Five, video-game developer is taking the new mom to court for backing away from a $20 million deal without much notice and the company is suing the diva for $100 million.

The superstar is expected to be grilled by lawyers for a video-game developer by late summer because a Manhattan judge has given the company’s $100 million lawsuit against her the green light, The Post has learned.

Justice Charles Ramos’ ruling came after he learned lawyers for the “Single Ladies” singer were actively working on a $20 million deal with the company, Gate Five, before abruptly backing out.

“You continue to negotiate right up until the time you pull the plug. That is not going to work with me,” Ramos told Beyoncé’s lawyers.

Though, that they were within their rights to walk away from the deal for a game called “Starpower: Beyoncé” because Gate Five didn’t have its financing in place.

Gate Five said it was scheduled to sign a deal with its financier on Dec. 6, 2010, and claimed Beyoncé knew that when she sashayed away from the agreement on Dec. 3.

The game was scuttled and the company laid off 70 employees. Ramos said Beyoncé should have given Gate Five notice that she would walk.

Gate Five lawyer Peter Gallagher said he’s “pleased” with the ruling.

Beyoncé’s lawyer declined to comment.

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