Big Bold Lush Eyelashes

I have wimpy eyelashes. I put on two coats of mascara and still puny eyelashes. I want those eyelashes that really make your lashes pop. Like the doe eyed look that Tyra Banks always talks about on Top Model. I know I probably need false eyelashes for that look but let’s go the natural route.

I bought this Smashbox kit and it came with an eyelash primer (above, it’s called Layer Lash Primer). This is supposed to give the eyelashes a base so that you can layer on the mascara for a fuller, thicker effect. Hope it works…wish me luck.

Update…tried it and you don’t really need it. Both my eyels have a similar look. You can still try it and you may see different results.

Other Eyelash Primers and for the girl who need more drama, False Eyelashes…below

Photo from SmashBox