CoverGirl Bombshell Intensity Eyeliner Review!!

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CoverGirl Bombshell Liner

Getting that perfect cat eye just got easier with the CoverGirl Bombshell Intensity Eyeliner. **I was provided a sample for review, all opinions are my own** Let’s start off by saying that this cute little liner packs a big punch for its tiny size. Just a little shake and a steady hand and you are ready to go. The tip of the pen is small enough for a slim line, but with a tilt of the wrist you can easily get a thicker line. The tip is very flexible which makes it easy to follow the curve of your lid. The liner is not waterproof but it will not smudge since it is a 24 hour longwear liner. I as l did tear up in the outer corners of my eyes  and did end up with a little bit of rub off towards the end of my day, but that did not happen everytime.

I have tried a few of these pen like liners and they easily dry out fast, but this one really pushed out product and after a ton uses, I still feel like I have way more to go.

Pro: Easy to use, doesn’t dry out easily, small…fits anywhere!  Cheap and easy to remove.

Cons: Kinda wish the black tube had the pink package of the Bombshell mascara…just out of cuteness. When you make you line and miss a spot make sure to wait for the liner to dry or you end up moving the liner around if you get what I mean.



Price: Around $7

Purchase at your local drugstore store!

CoverGirl Bombshell Liner 3

I lined my eye with a super thin line just for a little emphasis on my left eye. My right eye has no makeup! Yes I have freckles and yes I hated them growing up and now I love them!

CoverGirl Bomshell Liner 2

 It was super easy to make a thin line that extended past my eyelid, but I kept it subtle.

CoverGirl Liner (1)

In this photo from my iPhone I was testing out a more dramatic cat eye…looks cute and perky!

**I was provided a sample for review, all opinions are my own**


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