Do you get enough sleep?

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I think I get enough sleep, but I know people around me who don’t (you know who you are sleepy-heads). Anyways, I am going to tell you a huge secret…are you listening à you have to get a full 7-8 hours of sleep for it to be considered beauty sleep. Your skin and body will know when you are trying to cheat it. Getting enough sleep affects how your skin will look…refreshed and how your body will feel…energized. A lot of people say that you can get away with only sleeping 5-6 hours but in my personal opinion (yea, I know I’m not a doc) I think you need the full 8. I think that your body doesn’t have enough time to recover from the day and you are sabotaging the next day. But hey if you have to go to that party that that starts at 12am and finishes at 5am (it’s ok if you don’t do it every day and leave it for Fri or Sat). My father works early morning hours and I think he gets like 4-5 hours of sleep a night so when he comes to visit me he always falls asleep on the couch…not good!!!! According to Allure magazine, not getting enough sleep can lead to health problems like heart disease, some cancers and aging. Wow…get your sleep on!

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