Who is ‘Gossip Girl?’ Identity Revealed!

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Gossip Girl is finally dead…well the blog is…so who was the voice behind the famous gossiper in the Upper East side…spoiler…It was ‘lonely boy’ all along, WTF really! Dan Humphry (Penn Badgley) was the gossip hound dishing not only on his enemie,s but his friends and even himself. Humphrey did the signature GG voice-over himself one last time, “I wasn’t born into this world, maybe I could write myself into it … And when Serena came back from boarding school, I wrote my first post about me: Lonely Boy, the outsider. The underdog. I might’ve been a joke, but at least people were talking about me.” And Lil Jenny knew all along.

We should have known he is a writer…and he married Serena. Too bad she (Blake Lively)married Ryan Reynolds in real life.

Photo from The CW

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