Heidi Montag Regrets Getting All Her Plastic Surgery!

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Heidi Montag now regrets her decision to have 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day…umm hello couldn’t anyone have told you that its not a good idea and now the late doctor/Plastic Surgeon Frank Ryan is not here to defend himself.

According to RadarOnline,

Heidi Montag is speaking out about her plastic surgery nightmare – expressing her regret for undergoing ten proceedures in just one day and saying her doctor, the late Frank Ryan, misled her.

Montag- speaking to E.T. – said of the surgeries: “It’s not who I am. It’s something I did. It was a choice that I made, and I wanted other women and people to know, ‘yeah, I have insecurities and so does everyone, and this is what I did, and I don’t want to lie about it, and I don’t want to cover it up. I don’t like lying. It’s just not who I am. In retrospect, I do wish I never would have said anything…”

When she was asked if she was happy with the after-result of her surgeries, Heidi said: “I wouldn’t do it again… If I could go back, I’d wouldn’t have had them…

“It was a lot harder than I was led on by my doctor… I didn’t know how excessive it really was.. and to the extent a lot of stuff.

“It was a lot .. it was a lot.. and I’m very thankful for how it turned out… It could have been disastrous.”

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