Hot or Not: Lindsay Lohan’s Sparkly Jumpsuit at MTV Movie Awards?

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Lindsay Lohan wore a sparkly number yesterday for the MTV Movie Awards to hide her SCRAM device but did you like her outfit? I kinda liked it but I didn’t love it for Lindsay at these awards!

Lindsay also moved her seat during the Movie Awards to get far away from Dr. Drew, who has criticized her drug use in the past.

According to Us Magazine,

The 23-year-old actress — who wore a Pamella Roland beaded halter jumpsuit to hide her SCRAM anklet — was originally seated near the addiction specialist, who angered her after publicly speculating about her drug use. (“He’s such a loser,” she said in April. “He’s not a real doctor, he’s a celebrity doctor.”)

When she realized how close they’d be, she moved her seat.

Dr. Drew said he ended up going to the KROQ Weenie Roast concert in L.A. Saturday in hopes of seeing the actress. She ended up being a no-show.

“I was going to reach out to her and say hi and apologize if indeed I caused her any distress; that was never my intention,” he told The Dish Rag. “The stuff that seemed to get her most upset was things that I would say speculating what I would do if she was my daughter.”

Credit: Mark Davis/MTV/Picturegroup

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