Is Brangelina really headed towards Splitsville? They deny it!

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Yes, Splitsville is an actual place where relationships are buried! Brad and Angelina have been absent from the awards show this season and its causing the rumor mill to go into overdrive. Add to that the New of the World article where they go into detail of the couple impending split…

Dynamite legal papers secretly signed by the couple this month detail how all their homes and assets will be carved up.

The agreement gives them joint custody of the kids – but all six will actually live full-time with their mum.

Preparations for a split began in early December when “Brangelina” visited a top Los Angeles divorce firm to begin thrashing out the deal.

An announcement of their separation is expected to be made soon – ending months of speculation that the five-year relationship is on the rocks.

I think that the allegations are false. They look like they have never been happier. Maybe they have decided not to go to an events because Angelina is pregnant…hey you never know. But as I always say…you never know what goes on behind closed doors! But us gossip hounds can often read the future…and i just don’t know…lol!

Have you seen his beard…uhhhh not working, he just looks old!

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