Kelly Clarkson Being Wooed to Join ‘American Idol’?

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We all know that Ryan Seacrest may be tapped to re-join American Idol when it resurfaces on ABC next year, but there may be another familiar face joining the revamped show—Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson. According to a new report show producers are attempted to woo Kelly into a judges chair when the show returns and she’s already clearing her schedule to fit in all those auditions —so we can only assume she’s alllll in.

And Kelly won’t have to do too much traveling as the show auditions may be held in DisneyWorld and maybe DisneyLand. This will make the production less expensive than usual. We’re pretty sure that it got expensive schlepping Jennifer Lopez and her entourage across the country when she was still a judge, so having a home base makes sense. The contestants will just have to figure out how to get there.

Still unclear is how ABC will handle the format of the show. We heard it may become a Sunday night show, but still don;t know if they will follow Dancing with the Stars lead and air only once a week.

We’ll still have to wait a bit long to see who will join the season 1 winner who went on to gained mega success and no we don’t think Justin Guarini will be asked!

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