Khloe Kardashian Talks Cellulite and Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

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Khloe’s Cellulite Confession

Khloe Kardashian is not immune from cellulite during her pregnancy! Khloe who is now known for her revenge body will have to wait a few more months before she can go hardcore in the gym. She’s almost 7 months along and enjoying everything she eats—-but not the cellulite too much. “I now have cellulite on my legs! Cute! Cute! Pregnancy may make cellulite look worse for a while, because the weight that you gain in pregnancy could make it more noticeable. I feel like I’ve always had cellulite but it’s way more prominent at the moment.So far no stretch marks. So I’m happy about that 🤞🏽 the perks of being chubby previously. Lol my tummy knows how to stretch.”

Khloe has talked about her pregnancy weight gain on her app, “During my pregnancy, I’m obviously not beating myself up about what I’m eating at all. I’m more encouraged by how, after the baby comes, I’m going to work off every pound. I’m actually really excited to get my body back. I can’t wait!”

Khloe looks great! That’s all we see!

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