Kris Humphries Former Flame ‘Not Pregnant’

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Kris Humphries can now breathe a sigh of relief since his former Myla Sinanaj went on record saying she is not pregnant even though she had a little bit of a round belly in recent video. Sinanaj says she also dropped her lawsuit against Kris Humphries because her friendship with him was more important that the BS. She also calls him a ‘good guy’ and says she loves him and that’s why she dropped her lawsuit.

Kris Humphries can breathe a sigh of relief — his ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj insists she’s NOT PREGNANT … her belly’s just naturally round.

Myla was out in Jersey earlier today, where a photog asked her straight — are you pregnant or not? Myla responded, “I am definitely not pregnant.”

What Myla DOESN’T explain is why she texted her lawyer Friday night that she WAS pregnant — and why she told numerous other people, including Kris, that she was expecting.

Myla’s latest version is that people just started talking and, “Of course, me not being a size zero kept it going.”

That, and her lying about being pregnant.

Sinanaj even went on and dished on her side of the whole pregnancy rumor.

We caught up with Myla Sinanaj yesterday in an exclusive one-on-one chat where she speaks on all the rumors and tabloid fodder for the first time EVER.

Myla is ready to finally clear up all the tabloid rumors that she’s been plagued with as of late and opens up to about everything from the alleged baby she’s having w/ Kris, why she dropped the  law suit against him, and her current relationship status.

When your attacked by the media day in and day out with false reports of their ‘sources’ claiming to have the inside scoop on things that they know nothing about, you would eventually grow tired of seeing stories plastered everywhere about you, and that’s exactly how Myla Sinanaj (@NYAngel24) was feeling yesterday afternoon.

After tweeting this photo to prove that she’s definitely not pregnant with Kris’ baby, we reached out to Myla and spoke with her about pretty much everything. It’s clear that she’s hurt by all the rumors and just wants to live her life like a normal person.

Here’s what she said to us verbatim… no BS or edits.

“I don’t know who there ‘sources’ are but since this all happen I still have NOT ever spoken yet everyday tabloids say I can’t keep my mouth shut. Its such BS. 1. I’m NOT pregnant 2. I’m not signing no NDA’s or getting any $ or going against Kris in his divorce.I dropped my law suit because after things got out of hand me and kris realized our friendship was bigger than the BS I never cared. About $ he’s a GOOD guy and so many people don’t know that because he’s so negatively portrayed but I knw who he is and that’s why I trust him and dropped everything with no settlement. When you love someone you don’t want to hurt them so all these bs ‘sources’Have ppl thinking I’m saying all this stuff I’m not its frustrating. Ppl will never understand my reasons for still caring for Him after everything he did but I love him and that over rides any $ or fame.”

What about the rumors of you guys working on you relationship and getting back together? Any truth to that?

Rumors on that are – he is a dear close friend to me and we will always be friends b4 anything.

See, I’m so glad your speaking out! Nobody would of known this at all..

Its crazy! Smh I’m portrayed as a crazy gold digger booty call and he’s a bad guy. He’s not even after what he did I know his heart is good. But every1 makes mistakes I think it takes a strong person to forgive something I was put through and someone who obviously really loves him. I didn’t drop suit to ‘Get him back’ I did it because he apologized n that’s all I care about. I don’t knw what future holds.

I feel like this man goes through so much negativity because of me in press but I’m the one the cares genuinely for him. Its hard And ppl don’t even know that I dropped everything because I care not being some goldigger. Sucks

I Feel guilty letting fake stories run that affect kris.He already is so stressed I should not be 1 as well.if it was just me I wouldn’t care.

She added:

1 thing forgot to say preggo rummor started off a general tweet 1 made on 4th of july sayin ‘ONE day can’t wait to have a lil boy’ not. That I was preg… Or close too.  Its ridiculous they thought I’m subliminal saying I’m preg. LOL

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