Kris Humphries Wants To Put Sex Life With Kim K. on Trial!

Kris Humphries is going full steam ahead with his divorce trial against Kim Kardashian, but not only will Kim be on trial, but her mother Kris (for favoring Kim on their deals as a couple) and his nonexistent sex like with Kim. Allegedly Kim stopped having sex with Kris after they were married in August! A source claims (via HollywoodLife), “Almost immediately after the wedding, they stopped having sex.”

Kris is heading to court with his LA counsel and his Minnesota-licensed attorney according to Life & Style.

“Kim’s freaking out,” reveals a friend.

To Kim’s dismay, any nondisclosure agreements he signed associated with their prenup or Kourtney & Kim Take New York would be void in court. “When you’re requested to answer under oath,” notes an insider close to Kris, “it’s a legal obligation. If he’s asked certain questions, he’ll be compelled to answer.”

And as if watching her daughter go through turmoil weren’t bad enough, Kris Jenner is now at the center of her own courtroom drama. Life & Style has learned exclusively that Kris is filing suit against his former mother-in-law, citing breach of fiduciary duty.

He thinks that the momager gave special treatment to Kim when she was supposed to be brokering deals for them as a couple, according to an insider. “When you have two clients, they’re supposed to be treated equally,” notes the insider. “It was a conflict of interest.”

“We’re going to let litigation take its course,” his attorney, Lee Hutton, exclusively tells Life & Style. “We plan to fully pursue all legal options.”

Photo from PR Photos

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