Lamar Odom’s Prognosis Might Be Worsening!

Macy's Welcomes Los Angeles Lakers' Star Forward Lamar Odom in Los Angeles on June 22, 2010

Lamar Odom’s condition may be getting worse despite a report that he squeezed Khloe’s hand at the hospital(some reports say it was Kim’s hand). According to TMZ, doctors have told the family the longer Lamar stays in this condition the the worse the prognosis is.

Sources add that Lamar did squeeze Khloe’s hand on Wednesday, but by Thursday morning the docs told the family the action may have been an involuntary movement. As of Thursday there has been no improvement in Lamar’s condition. Doctors have added that 4 of Lamar’s organs are failing including kidneys. Lamar may have a 50/50 chance of survival. “The doctors are concerned it has been too long that he’s been in this condition and now it’s not looking good.”

Lamar’s entire family is by his side including his children along with Khloe’s family. Sid enote, Kim K.’s baby shower has been postponed.

Photo from PR Photo