Lindsay Lohan: Fight Over a Guy (Max From The Wanted)?

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Lindsay Lohan was arrested early this morning  but what happened in the events leading up to her arrest.  First off Lohan attended a Justin Bieber concert at Madison Square Garden with her sister, Ali and left about an hour later.”She came in with the lights on and sat on the floor, and was attacked. She was smiling at everyone and took a few pics until escorted out,” a concertgoer told E! News. “She came back with her sister, Ali. They sat in the front row. They left after an hour.”

Secondly, Lohan allegedly attended the concert to get closer to Bieber’s opening act…The Wanted, she had her eye on Max George. They both linked up and went to club Avenue together but when Lohan got sloppy drunk, Max moved on to another girl and that made Lohan mad! The girl ended up getting punched by Lohan according to TMZ. max, on a side note went home with another girl.

Thirdly (not related to today’s arrest) Lohan will be charged with lying (she said her assist was driving the car) to police over her Porsche accident. “She is being charged,” says Santa Monica Police Sgt. Richard Lewis, who adds that lying to police is only one of the charges. “The charges were drawn up yesterday and they will be filed today,” Lewis tells PEOPLE. 

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