Lindsay Lohan’s Release Will Most Likely Be Released After Aug 1st!!

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Everyone thought that Linsay Lohan may be out of jail already, but no she is still in jail and will most likely be in there another week. She will not be released until at least August 1st...which will not be the 90 days jail sentence she got, but because of overcrowding…she will be released earlier.

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley desperately hopes she can get LiLo out of the slammer this week — because according to her, Lindsay’s in dire straits.

Holley claims it was extremely difficult for Lindsay not to see her family this weekend — but if all goes well, LiLo will be back on the streets by the end of the week.

The key word here is “if.”

UPDATE: Steve Whitmore, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department, told the LA Times, “She won’t be released this week.” He earliest release date would be August 1.

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