Mariah Yeater’s Ex-BF Says She Lied To Make Money!

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Well, we kind of saw this coming, Mariah Yeater’s ex-boyfriend, Robert Powell and possible father to Tristyn Yeater claims Mariah made up the story of  Justin Bieber being her baby daddy to make a quick buck! He says she sold her story to the tabloids for $50,000.

“She lied,” says Robert Powell about his ex-girlfriend Mariah Yeater, who claims Justin Bieber is the father of her baby.

In an exclusive jailhouse interview with RumorFix, Powell says, “We were both homeless and living in Oceanside [California] and Mariah was trying to make some quick money.”

So he says she made up the story and sold it to a tabloid for $50,000.

Why target squeaky clean Justin Bieber? “She just picked him, because she thought he was famous and all and thought she could get a lot of money by telling the magazine Justin was the father. She just saw him as an opportunity to make a lot of money,” he says.

Although Yeater claims she met Justin at a concert in Los Angeles and they had sex in a bathroom, 23-year-old Powell says Mariah’s never met Justin nor has she been to one of his concerts — she’s only seen him on TV.

Speaking to RumorFix behind a glass panel, Powell got emotional at times saying Tristyn Yeater is his son, even though the birth certificate doesn’t list a father.

“She said she was doing it for us … for our family and son. She made it seem like it was all for us but she’s greedy. I don’t know, I still love her though. All I want is to be with my son, that’s all I care about. She can take all her money, I just want my son. And man, on the real, I feel sorry for Justin Bieber. He’s just a little kid man. He don’t need to be going through all this drama. He got a career and sh*t to focus on. I feel sorry for the dude.”

Powell is in jail on three burglary charges a charge of receiving stolen property and drug possession.

Robbie has also said he would be willing to give a DNA sample and he knows the baby is his because, “We f***ked a lot and I know she wasn’t f***king around on me. So that’s how I know.”

So, basically Justin was just a random victim…crazy!

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