Miley Cyrus thinks Twitter should be banned!!

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Miley Cyrus’ adds her two cents about Twitter. Not only has she quit Twitter, but she wants everyone to do the same…she shouldn’t be telling people what do because before her boyfriend told her to quit, she was addicted to Twitter!!!

This is waht she said via MTV,

“I think that everyone should leave Twitter,” she told Chicago’s B96 morning showduring her tour stop in Chi-Town earlier this week. “I think Twitter should just be banned from this universe.”

Cyrus maintains that the Internet is a dangerous place.” ‘Cause honestly, people, want to know why? You’re unhealthy. You need to get out and do stuff and be in the world instead of being like this [hunched over and typing],” she explained. “All I did was lay in bed on my computer and sit there and eat ice cream late at night.”

The singer added, “You don’t end up living your life and you end up saying things that really is no one else’s business. And I’m not a big fan of the Internet anymore,” she added. “I don’t really go online.”

Maybe you were doing that…

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